Ombre Nomad Inspired Beard Oil

Ombre Nomad Inspired Beard Oil

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  • Ingredients

    Contains seven essential oil's which are:

    • Argan oil
    • Almond oil 
    • Jojoba oil 
    • Rosehip oil 
    • Black castor oil 
    • Hemp oil 
    • Vitamin-E. (vitamin-E is a perfect antioxidant)

  • How to use.

    Shake to awaken the goodness inside. Splash 3-6 drops onto your palm, gently massage into your facial fuzz & skin. This will help soften and moisturise your skin preventing any itch or beard-ruff.

    Finally comb through to ensure even distribution, Enjoy.

    Can be used specifically with the Ombre Nomad inspired Beard Balm for that ultimate style and hold. 

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